We use optimization to solve quite a few business problems:

  • Telecom: Optimization of wholesale costs for an MVNO by using usage forecasts and business rules to trade-off between cost and risk of various bundle options
  • Consumer Goods: Media Mix Optimization for a consumer brand involving allocation of media budget across various media, strategies, tactics and creatives with the objective of maximizing sales
  • Fashion Retail: Allocation of inventory to various stores with the objective of trading off lost sales due to stock-outs against lost margins due to markdowns, within a limited retail budget
  • Auto Retail:Maximization of OEM Sales Incentives using forecasted sales, and trading off incentives against risk of being under target (leading to lost margins)
  • Specialty Retail: Optimization of national brand discounts by trading off promoted brand lift against competing brand cannibalization, with the objective of category sales maximization