Customer Analytics

Our customer analytics solutions span the lifecycle of our clients' customers (from Prospects to Existing Customers to Former Customers). Some examples of our customer analytics work include:

Customer Segmentation

  • Banking: RFM segmentation for a US mid-sized bank, using balance and transaction data for each asset/ liability/ service product
  • Supermarkets: Nutritional segmentation for a UK grocer using decision trees on consumption at food category level
  • B2B: Segmentation of business customers based on seasonality and attrition behavior, for a German courier
  • Department store: Lifestyle and Lifestage segmentation for a department store

Campaign Analytics

  • Retail: Campaign tool for cross-sell campaigns for a direct retailer using look-alike models
  • Online Media: Recommender for a US online media company
  • B2B: Attrition reduction tool for a German courier, using logistic regression models
  • Specialty Retail: Campaign tool based on repurcahse frequency for a US office products retailer
  • Specialty Retail: Coupon selector for the SMB coupon booklet program of a US office products retailer
  • Retail: Tool to design and launch camapign experiments (Test, Control) for a US retailer

Credit, Collection and Delinquency

  • Real Estate: Collection models for a real estate company to prioritize customer follow-ups
  • Telecom: Credit rating and credit limit models for a US telecom services provider

Campaign RoI tracking

  • Online Media: Campaign RoI tracker for a US online health portal
  • Department Store: Test vs. Control and Pre vs. Post purchase tracking tool for a department store