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04 Feb 2013

JC Penney’s pricing experiments (continued)

Raj Bhatt

I had written about JC Penney’s failed experiments with reducing discount sales a few weeks ago (click here). I had made 4 points:1) Everyday Low Price needs to be tested before being implemented2) Need to continue store-in-store concept3) Need good exclusive designers4) Website needs major overhaul I heard that they are getting discount sales back [...]

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14 Nov 2012

JC Penney’s experiments with pricing and holiday season discounting

Raj Bhatt

Around a year ago, JC Penney’s CEO Ron Johnson announced their ‘Fair and Square ‘ pricing policy, to wean customers off discounts and move towards a three-tiered pricing strategy that focused on ‘Everyday Low’, ‘Monthly’ and ‘Best’ price levels. This was supposed to reduce the number of annual promotions from 590 to 12, thereby simplifying [...]

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