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19 Feb 2009

Kraft’s turnaround plan and new brand identity: Will it win against store brands?

Raj Bhatt

At a CAGNY conference in Florida, Irene Rosenfeld, CEO of Kraft Foods, highlighted the progress made by Kraft against the turnaround plan announced by her in 2007. The turnaround plan is based on organizational changes, category re-framing using the ‘growth diamond’, sales initiatives, retailer collaboration, cost reduction and quality improvements. Kraft also unveiled a new [...]

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16 Feb 2009

Update on Pepsi rebranding effort

Raj Bhatt

I had blogged in late November about Pepsi’s rebranding effort (click here). I had said at that time: ” I think these are bold moves that will revitalize the CSD market as well as position Pepsi favorably in the non-carbonated beverages market. Some of the products launched by Pepsi recently are very notable (Diet Pepsi [...]

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