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09 Feb 2012

Amazon launches as in India! Is it a big deal?

Raj Bhatt

Amazon launched as Junglee in India earlier this week. It is a price comparison site for various merchants to list their products and provide prices. Already quite a few significant Indian vendors (homeshop18, indiaplaza, healthkart, uRead, bookadda, etc) have listed their products on the website. So, with the brand name of Amazon, one would think [...]

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30 Nov 2008

How can brick-and-mortar book stores compete?: Part 1

Raj Bhatt

Last week, Borders and Barnes & Noble declared their third quarter results. Both companies reported a net loss at an operating level. Both companies are shutting some unprofitable book stores and trying to rein in costs to become profitable. I am a big fan of both Borders and Barnes & Noble, and cannot help thinking: [...]

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